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*knock knock* Hi... just wondering if I'm still allowed here...

For those of you who cared, I'm not dead yet. For those of you who didn't, screw you! Heh heh. But honestly I'm doing quite well and I hear tell that some of you wonder if I haven't jumped off the face of the planet. Well, for the skinny I'm still in B'ham (give me a call or whatever, 671-6108) and am still in school at WCC and moving shortly to WWU. I have a new ride: a 2003 ford taurus, name pending (yes, I still name my cars), it's sort of a greenish gray. My comic is fast approaching the 50 comic mark... in fact i think it passed that quite a while ago... anyway it's on slight hiatus while I get my scanner fixed. But it's not like anyone on here read it anyway, so what does it matter? Still working as a furniture salesman at Griffith Furniture off Meridian. If you need anything for your pad, just let me know.

Welp, i'm off to do some comics, or keep playing Xenogears... or take a bath because I'm sick... whatever. *sighs* It feels good to be back on here.
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