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I don't even want to think about how long it's been since I've posted. Insanely long. Well, i guess some sort of update is in order. *Pulls out long list of things that need to be updated* (redundncy, anyone?)

Here's an update list in bullet form!

-I've got a job, it's selling furniture at Griffith Furniture on Meridian, come say hi sometime. I've been working there for about three months. It's been some good old-fashioned fun work experiance. I hate saying that.

-I'm done with my first year at WCC. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but I had fun, brought my gpa up considerably, and met new friends. Including my girlfriend. We've been going out for seven months now, and it's been nothing but wonderful.

-I was in a couple plays this year. A few one-acts in the fall, and then a musical just this past month or so. They were all awesome and the leader of the Drama Dept, Gerry, wants me to direct next fall. We'll see, but I think I'm going to.

-This summer I won't be going off to camp, sadly. I have to work all summer so that I can get a car in the fall. Yeah, my brother's driving now and he needs a vehicle, so the family Taurus (which I'm driving) is going to be his to drive, and I get to buy a new car. Well, I guess that's pretty cool.

-Hey, everyone check out my buddy Levi who just joined LJ. He's hard_roll and he's a pretty cool guy.

-My comic is still being updated and in the same place it's been for the bast few months, so check it out if you haven't yet.

Well, now that school's out, i think i'll be posting more regularly and responding to other's journals. I feel like such a heel for not being here recently, but it's been busy. Take care all, and maybe I'll see some of you around town, or whatever.
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