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*Enter beat poem*

I don't want to do this work,
No way you can make me.
Pitiful to try and motivate
So lazyness won't take me.
If I indeed did this pape
It sadly would so break me.
And so I sit and contemplate
The computer to forsake me.
In school there's not much one can do
To nullify the fake me,
But still no stupid assignment
Will throw me, spin me, shake me.

Yay for odes to lame things... like schoolwork! Anyway, I'm supposed to be doing a paper right now, but it's quite lame and I don't want to be in school. I really REALLY am looking forward to next quarter for Writing for the Stage and Screen. It's gonna r0x0r |\/|4 b0x0rz!!1

And suddenly I slip into l33t... hmm... Maybe all that time 5p3|\|t with 0nL1|\|3 c0m1x has influenced my |\/|1n|) in ways I c4n|\|07 comprehend. well, enough of that then. I want 5l33p....

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