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Woa, woa woa woa, for the longest time...

Well, for the first time in a very long time I was able to have a fun night with people my own age. I had no idea how much I missed dorm life with people close to my own age until Dan, Nick, Amber, Aaron and I (for those of you who know, that would be Yserman, Chef Boy RD, Humu Humu, and Vespuchi) got together over at Western's dorms and hung out with a bunch of Amber's college buddies. The conversations, the level of humor, the good vibes, the jokes, the card games... You don't get that with cheeky little high schoolers in Running Start and crazy middle-aged men at the community college. Not saying that those people aren't cool, or great to hang with... I think I just needed some solid, tewnty-something college students just coming off of finals from the quarter and ready to let their hair down in a great non-drunk way. Hanging with drug-free people is fun. Example: lots of laughts and no hangover/crash. Anyway, off the the sack I go. Tomorrow I spend in Lynden.
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