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Well, well, well

Your a Katana!!! You add grace and style to what
you do. Often you are found practicing at your
hobbies to hone your skills.

What Type of Melee Weapon Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I should be...

writing my archaeology summaries.
writing my critical analysis essay.
writing two critical thinking question essays.
writing my intellectual autobiography.
replying to an email.
finding a fourth class for next quarter.
finding a new job.
drawing more comics for my hungry readers.

I should not be...

planning a second invasion of Europe.
surfing pointlessly online.
taking stupid online quizzes.
worrying about my LJ icons and how many I have, but how little I like.
drinking Monster energy drinks (that was earlier today).
feeling all sickly.

So, in other words: I should be productive and I shouldn't be unproductive. Easier said than done, my friend.

It's late, i'm tired. Yet, as always, no sleep will come, because I'm too lazy to take the effort to get into bed. If I did, I'd sleep fine. As long as I'm out of my bed I stay awake. It's like an on/off switch. I need to hit the off more often. That might work better. Then I wouldn't need to drink Monster and wouldn't be wide-eyed hyper in my archaeology class. Although it was fun asking my friend sitting next to me how wide my eyes were. They were quite big, just to let you know. Choir concert went well. I felt like I was going to faint literally one minute into the show. I don't know why. Anyway, we didn't suck, which is good. Maybe I'm still awake because of the Blizzard I had tonight... naw, that was around 9. That was four hours ago. That would've worn off already.

Well... homework calls... or is that the bed... I can't tell anymore.
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