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I don't think I'm cut out for school anymore. My heart isn't in it. My head most definitely isn't in it. Why they hell am I still in it? I've lied to teachers, I'm not doing work I need to be doing. With the grades I'm getting now I'm not going to be getting into Woodring anytime soon. Because of my complete lack of interst I am letting my grades faulter harshly. This is not helpful at all. I think I'll just take, like, a year off of school... No. Then how would I get back into it? I wouldn't want to. If I went off from school for a year, I'd end up finding a job that I could enjoy for long periods of time, come home and work on plays, stories and my comics, spend quality time with my friends, and actually have money (something i have none of right now). Let me just finish this quarter... then I'll be able to truly say wether I'm done or not.

Man, I sound bitchy all the sudden.
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