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Where's my head?

Well.... So i haven't been on here for a while. *brushes the cobwebs off of the livejournal* Better

Anyway, I've got some pretty cool news.... My comic strip is online!! Yeah! I finally got a scanner and have shoved my comics online. There's only a few up right now... and the webpage itself is kinda...lame, but that will change as soon as I re-teach myself html. Looking at about three pages of straight tag can be a little frightening after a few years of not doing anything in html. It's not like a bike that you can get on again. Ah well. Anyway, if you want to see it, it's here. Check it out... and vote for it, please... and tell you friends!

Oh, and I got a spiffy new optic mouse with five buttons and a gel pad on the surface where my palm rests. Thanks Jon.

Yeah, well... check out the comic, and take care all.
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