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Back to normal.... in a manner of speaking

Well, everything seems to be back to normal now.

My home internet is back up and working perfectly again. The phone is now completely hooked up complete with voice messenging and call waiting. The cable's all good. The only thing that sucks about the new house is the lame water pressure and how cold my room gets. It gets biting cold down there, and I don't get it. The gas fireplace helps a little, but it's mostly for just a quick fix. Heh, "quick fix". It takes a good five or so minutes to warm up the area around the hearth, let alone the rest of the room. But I'm not complaining. My own apartment complete with bath, bed, entertainment, workstation, phone, intercom system, and fireplace is nothing to get depressed or bitchy over. I'm quite happy with the whole set-up.

So I just spent about, oh i dunno, two hours last night catching up on everything that has happened on LJ durning my elongiated abscence. How troublesome to miss out on so much. Anyway, school calls and away I must to choir.


*invisions Will Homel at tryouts for "Lend Me A Tenor"* Kai-oh!
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