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Gotta catch 'em all!

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User Number: 18764
Date Created:2000-10-09
Number of Posts: 91

Brian aka redjedi, hailing from Northern California but currently residing in Bellingham, Washington, is comic releif in a world of straightmen. Using his annoyingly large knowledge of Star Wars and random facts on Greek mythos, this red-headed artist and actor takes a generally positive outlook on life and tries to give eveyone a smile, especially from onstage. He is a Christian and is not afraid to let people know.
Strengths: Friendly, creative, artistically inclined, forgiving to a fault, comical, random, slightly on the insane side.
Weaknesses: Stays up too late on a regular basis, in college, procrastinates, apethetic, fear of the phone and making phone calls, rare but frightening temper, corny.
Special Skills: A capable handle of the Force, sword/stick fighting, people skills, |v|4d L33t g4|v|1ng 5|<1llz, impervious to stage fright, ability to conserve body heat to the point of being a human radiator.
Weapons: The Force, random wooden weapons, the pencil/pen (which is mightier than the sword... at times), quick sarcastic wit, vast array of cheesey accents.
Favorites: Band: Switchfoot
Cuisine: Italian
Shoes: Vans
Color: Orange
Season: Fall
Board game: Scatagories
Comic Strip: Calvin and Hobbes
Weather: Overcast with a strong, warm wind
Video Game Console: SNES
Period in Time: America, 1920's
Musical: Newsies
Movie: The Princess Bride... among MANY others

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