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Just 'Cuz: do I need a reason?

First of all I'd like to say a warm welcome to Kelli to the world of LiveJournal: Welcome and good luck *snickers maniacaly*

Secondly: random LJ-ness

I wrote a song in the shower this morning. It's about gamers and being L33t and not really playing games at all... I guess you would have to hear it for it to make sense, and seeing as though you can't post soundbytes, you all are going to have to take my word for it: it's pretty comical.

Anyway, tonight was fun (fun silly-willy, narf! [wow.... i haven't said that since they took Pinky and the Brain of the air... spooky]). The concert at BHS was tight. I got to see Angie, Cheryl (sp?), Barb, Krista, Mike, Aaron (like i don't see him on a regular basis anyway) and a bunch of other BHS regs. The Halelujah chorus rocked, as it always does, but it was kinda sad that it didn't involve Rob Majors... that element, the ground shattering bass element, was missing. Still in all, the night was fantabulistical.

We start moving soon. Within the next couple days we're going to start carting boxes and stuff over to the new house. Pretty much all of next week is going to be trasporting goods and setting up rooms. Hopefully in all the bustle we'll get a tree up, but we'll have to see *crosses fingers* Welp, A Bridge Too Far calls (kick-ass WWII movie with a bunch of huge actors, ie: Sean Connary, Robert Redford, Anthony Hokins, Gene Hackman, Lawrence Olivier) and i must answer it's call, even though it's quite late to be starting a movie. Ah well. G'night all.
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